mercredi 5 septembre 2012

Observing.... Figuring out volumes....

Sometimes I don't feel like drawing on Bart so I just observe people and then try to remember their shapes later on when I want to trace lines again. I love people <3

Des fois, je ne suis pas d'humeur à dessiner alors j'observe les gens et tente de les redessiner de mémoire plus tard quand l'envie de dessiner me reprend. J'adore les gens <3

Drawing old dudes is totally one of my favorite thing. Commuting a lot every day helps me staying inspired ^^

This man in the Muni tonight was so meditative.... I love meditative people, they are fascinating to study.
 I've seen a really cute couple in the bus today. They inspired me to sketch this "summer love" image


That lady at LAX really didn't give a damn about this guy's story.... ^^

Jeremie! The cutest bad boy ever.

Watching that lovely lady at the Top of the Mark.